What is STAFF Assisted Cruising?

Group Cruise

What you get on our Special Needs Group Cruises is as follows.

  1. Priority Security check-in, no waiting in lines at the port to go through security.
  2. Priority Check-In at the port, again no waiting in lines to check in.
  3. Private Muster Drill, We do not wait on the crowded decks while the ship does its emergency drill before sailing.
  4. Group dining for dinners so you will sit with like-minded families that understand your family dynamics.
  5. We offer a “Date Night” respite for our parents one night during the cruise. On this special respite night our staff will take all the kids, teens, and adults to dinner at the buffet, leaving all the parents, caregivers, and extended family members a night to themselves.  After dinner, we will escort our gang from the buffet to their respective respite.
  6. Respite is provided during the cruise for all our Special Needs guests despite their age. Children participating in the children's program are with our staff in the children's program along with ship staff.  Respite is provided nightly after dinner so parents and caregivers can enjoy all the evening ship activities, shows, casino, comedy shows, karaoke, etc.  Evening respite is generally 2.5 hours after dinner.  Special Needs adults not in the children or teen programs enjoy their respite time with our staff lounging in the hot tub, swimming or participating in scheduled ship activities with our staff.
  7. During one day on the cruise, a special respite will be offered so parents can participate in breakfast, lunch, or cocktail with our group director. Giving families an opportunity to discuss anything from IEP issues, behavioral concerns at home and school, puberty issues, the skies the limit on this “Rap” session with the families you are sharing this amazing cruise vacation. 
  8. Our staff can assist families on shore excursions upon a families request. However, it is up to our staff to decide what they wish to do in port.  There is no cost for having our staff accompany a family if it is prearranged other than the cost of the excursion for the chosen staff member.
  9. During the cruise, we will offer a beach respite with our staff, where families can enjoy a fun day on the beach with our staff assisting with the kids.
  10. Depending on the size of the Group and ship amenities, we offer several private group functions onboard, dance parties, movie time, rock wall, etc.
  11. On the conclusion of the cruise, our group meets in a designated place on the ship, and the group is escorted off the ship by ship staff avoiding the long lines on the morning of departure.

Our staff is highly qualified individuals to work with your Special Needs loved ones.  Our staff undergoes a thorough background check before every cruise, and most are working with Special Needs individuals in their careers as Occupational/Physical Therapist, Special Education Teachers, or University Students working on a degree in some form of Child Development.  All of our staff volunteer their time on our cruises to work with your loved ones and do not receive a salary for what they do.  Their only compensation is the cost of their cruise which is paid by Special Needs Ability Program, Inc.

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Group Staff